Lucky Bamboo Best Zen Indoor Plants

Affordable and Easy to Maintain

Bring nature indoors with the famous Lucky Bamboo Plant. These amazing indoor house plants are simple to maintain and look appealing in almost every type of setting. All you have to do is just add the proper water amount once a week and your plant will continue to do what plants do best. 

What really makes Lucky Bamboo plants stand out from other indoor plants you see at your local garden center is that they can be easily crafted into simply wonderful indoor displays for home use or even special events. There have been many lucky bamboo arrangements that have been gifted for birthday gifts, thank you gifts, Mother’s day gifts, Father’s day gifts and even special occasions such as graduations, anniversaries and weddings.

There are so many things you can craft with these lucky bamboo plants. There are simple projects you can do such as placing the plants in a portable small pot filled with pebbles or small river rocks then just add water. If you want to take it to a more complex level, you can create designs while the bamboo stalks grow by slowly bending them into spiral or heart shapes, which literally takes time, concentration and patience. You can even start an amazing creative project by combining them with fish in an aquarium or make your very own zen garden terrarium!  There are so many fun creative things you can do with these cool plants!

Lucky bamboo are excellent live home decor, great apartment indoor plants, house plants, and even office plants. You might have seen one on a desk, at tabletop, in dorms or at an office setting during work or a visit to your doctor. This is because these types of plants are great easy to maintain indoor plants. They help reduce anxiety and literally liven up any area of the room.

7 Great Reasons

Why You Should Buy Lucky Bamboo


Why are Lucky Bamboo great gifts and great plants?

  • No soil required, no mess.
  • Does not pollinate, no pollen.
  • Easy to transplant
  • Great decor, hobby, relax
  • Very low maintenance
  • Great for beginners or expert gardeners
  • Great for mood and relaxing boosters

Here Are Some Simple Fun Projects We Have Made With Lucky Bamboo