Train Your Brain, Be Productive!

We all want to become smarter, learn something useful and do something that can change the world. Here are some great resources that can help you reach these goals and even more. Keep a positive perspective, have no fear of making errors because without mistakes you will not know how to become a better you. By doing this you not only help yourself but you can pass on the knowledge and teach the skills / techniques to help others building a better friendship or social network opportunities but most of all have fun doing it!


Learn a different language 

Duolingo – Visit Website

  • Learn and/or improve your fluency on a second language for free.
  • You can boost your career opportunities when your language skills are applied to the workplace.
  • The site provides a neat feature to your linkedin account on how fluent you are on a particular language.
  • Site provides language courses such as English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, which are top languages for business.
  • You can communicate with different cultures, discover diverse ideas and  increase learning opportunities.

Learn to Speed Read  

Spreeder – Visit Website

Readability – Visit Website

Evernote Clearly – Visit Website

  • Read, comprehend, and retain information quickly, saving time and energy
  • Read in saccades by formatting webpages, articles, and blog posts into easy to read pages.
  • Avoid reading with your ” inner voice”
  • Learn at a faster speed, complete tasks and goals efficiently
  • Improves memory and focus

Improve on Coding and Type Speed Programming – Visit Website

Codeacademy – Visit Website

  • Practice typing programming languages for free.
  • helps train muscle memory on 16 types of programming languages
  • It also calculates and Analyzes your keystrokes and typos
  • Provides Realistic Key Processing Engine
  • Codeacademy provides in-depth interactive coding lessons on popular programming languages

Test your skills on an online platform marketplace

Fiverr – Visit Website

Upwork – Visit Website

  • Start applying and selling your skills as a software engineer
  • You can earn extra money on the side while becoming an software engineer
  • Real life projects and work experience
  • You will be able to work and code as a self-employed individual
  • Gain experience, build a portfolio and add to your resume for future job career opportunities.


In Conclusion, this is just a practical stepping stones that can guide towards new positive opportunities and success. It takes determination and patience, but it well worth the journey. This is just one of many useful resources we have to share that can help reach your goal to apply brain training tools to becoming a better at productivity and creativity. Train smart and have a great time!

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