The Power of Food: An Elephant Food War

A great food war has been in effect for many years in the United States Of America and the “enemy” such as fast foods and junk foods along with many other high calorie low nutrition “edible” foods out there have already taken over the states, cities, homes, refrigerators, pantries and dare I say our mind? We must take action to protect our healthy well-being and all it takes is a little awareness.

Due to the advancement of technology, the USA has become one of the top food producing countries in the world. Unfortunately, this abundance of food has become a burden on peoples’ health because of an increase in the fast food trend, processed foods, and mass production of unhealthy foods. These modern type of large scale food production methods have increased the food quantity yet decreased the essential nutrients needed to help keep our body and especially our mind at peace and at optimal health. It’s amazing how just changing the way you eat can have a physical toll on your body along with an increase risk of diseases, mental anxiety and emotional issues. This was once an elephant in the room health topic, but now has evolved in to an elephant food war that needs to continually addressed and quickly changed for the benefit of humanity.


The Great Food War of the Ages

We seem to be blinding our taste buds by lacking the necessary motivation and education on how food adversaries are taking advantage of us. We have the power of food that we can utilize for living a healthy life or a miserable battle of brain fogging and disease causing disaster.

Driving by cities and local towns, there seems to be more and more of the famous franchise fast food restaurants, emerging fat clogging eateries, diabetic shocking trendy sugar food delights waiting to serve and satisfy peoples’ hunger or hangry moods. Unfortunately, there is a large growth in these type of restaurants and are now appearing in every corner of the street at large cities and towns. These are like food forts concealing weapons that literary kills us slowly.

There is belief that fast food, processed foods and other quick eats that are highly processed are cheaper than the healthy foods available in the markets. This is a myth. These type of foods are not cheap. In fact, it will increase your health insurance costs, medical bills, over the counter medications, prescriptions drugs and much more in the long run.

Buying foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, micro-nutrients and macro-nutrients significantly increases your survival towards a better way of living and a healthier, happier mood. It’s amazing how there is still an increase of major and new fast food restaurants franchises appearing in every part of the USA along with an increase production of processed foods…maybe because it is an  easy “quick fix” to solve the hunger problem.

Due to an increase in food consumption, there is an greater increase in human population growth and our advancements in agricultural sciences has greatly improved. USA is one of the top food producing countries in the world and it is also one of the top countries with a high mortality rate in diseases of the circulatory system such as heart disease and stroke. There is an increase of people dying younger due to poor dieting or eating unhealthy. Due to such large quantity of food available, most of the foods are not being prepared for healthy eats and are focused to target every consumer and sale quickly as possible rather than focusing on living a healthier and happier life.



People are frequently being “attacked” by unhealthy food commercial marketing in televisions, radios, newspapers, magazines, video ads, online and more. Surprisingly, there have been surveys regarding peoples’ thoughts toward the fast food and processed foods and as a result people considered fast food as “not to good” or “not good at all for you”. People are aware in this matter but there seems to be something that needs to addressed to take the next step towards eating a healthier. We need more growth in the the food health industry to focus on ways to implement the essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals that are less processed or not highly refined at all. Going organic is one great way to begin the path of a healthier lifestyle. Ever since the food war of the processed and fast foods have taken place obesity has grown throughout the USA and is now an epidemic in America.



Brain Rewired to Eating Unhealthy Food

These large scaled type foods are more poison than beneficial to your body after eating for long periods of time. Regularly consuming large amount of foods that are high in calories, sugars, saturated and trans fats do little to help improve your health mentally, physically, and emotionally. The mind can do so much more than what you believe it is capable of doing, and without the motivation and education your body can be tempted to follow a path inducing severe diseases, cardiac arrest, high stress anxiety problems, emotional disorders, strokes, and death.

This road leading to a food warfare of chemical toxins, additives, useless synthetic vitamins, refined sugars, hydrogenated oils and other non essential substances that can cause significant chemical imbalances within your body. Don’t let your brain become a victim of food abuse because once you are trapped in this warfare your cognitive abilities will weaken along with the “wired” communication system throughout your body, resulting in a domino effect of cardiac, circulatory, respiratory, and immune system breakdown.

The brain can be easily rewired to eating unhealthy foods by a lack of willpower. So the mindset of regulating the type food you consume should be on the top of the list and not let the food control you. Though willpower may be one factor, another factor is that the processed foods actually taste good.

These unhealthy foods have been designed to please your taste buds and make you wanting to eat more and more. Most of these addicting type of foods are processed foods which are high in sugar and/or fat content. These foods contain large amount of empty calories and sugars that when eaten a chemical reaction takes place within the brain that causes a secreting of  a neurotransmitter / hormone called dopamine. Dopamine is responsible to contributing the feelings of satisfaction and pleasure. It is the same neurotransmitter that the brain releases during sex. This feel-good chemical activates the reward system increasing to crave the unhealthy foods that are currently being eaten. There are other foods that release this feel-good chemical but processed foods are purposely designed to help release a large amounts of these dopamine hormone / neurotransmitter to fool us to craving more which can lead to food addiction.


The following list is just a few of the top processed foods that are popular and can easily result to a food addiction frenzy:

  1. Pizza
  2. French Fries
  3. Chips
  4. Cookies
  5. Soda
  6. Cheese
  7. Cakes
  8. Bacon
  9. Fried Chicken
  10. Ice cream
  11. Chocolate
  12. Breakfast Cereal
  13. Hot Dogs
  14. Cheese Burgers
  15. Gummy Candy


Your Brain and Body Signals For Help

The nervous system is sensitive to nutrients taken into the body. It is sensitive enough in that the persons who lack the necessary nutrients first notice symptoms of mental and emotional change. These are first noticed before any feelings of physical conditions are seen. Deficiency in nutrients due to poor dieting can cause brain fog or fuzzy thinking, nervousness, absentmindedness, and mental confusion, which can later on lead to insomnia, anxiety, depression, and memory loss. By understanding what type of foods that can harm our brain cells, impair our cognitive processes, lower our immune system, and increase risk of neurological disorders, we can avoid them and eat the essential foods that increase not only our cognition, but our overall well-being. So that means not eating fast foods and processed foods is a great start to improving your body health and eating more fruits and veggies.


In Conclusion

Due to fast food trends, easy access to processed foods, junk foods, a high consumption of refined sugars and mass production of unhealthy foods in the USA, there has been an elephant food war, or a food health topic that requires immediate attention. The food war of unhealthy consumption of so called “foods” has truly caused an epidemic in obesity, circulatory system diseases such as as cardiac arrests and strokes, anxiety and emotional issues. Becoming aware of how the power of food is a valuable key knowing  that it can either make your life a living nightmare or living a healthier happier lifestyle. Opening the door that brings about a brighter, healthier future is better for us and towards humanity to ending this unhealthy food war.

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