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We provide quality information to people who are interested in investing themselves to living a creative, productive, debt free and health-conscious lifestyle. Newbies to veterans are welcome to check out effective tools to help grow their personal development goals. We are here to help spark up that creativity engine of yours to work wonders during your journey to success and pure geniusness.


Sparkmigo is here to assist you with ideas and providing new perspectives on ways to help improve and expand your genius potential.

Best Free Language Learning Apps


Learn over 30 + Languages via mobile app devices or on the web. Offers great easy to learn lessons with a unique gamification point system approach.


Join a language learning community where you are able to learn by talking with Native speakers. Learn 12 popular languages and it is mobile user friendly.


Provides a uniqe way to learning over 20+ languages using repetition of flashcards, videos, pictures. Offers study tools for classroom subjects too.

Best Free Note Taking Apps


One of the best note taking apps for smartphones, tablets and computers. Effortlessly take notes and easily organize them on the go for any type of project.

Microsoft OneNote

It is a great info gathering tool and can be used for collaborating with friends or colleagues. Easily sync to the cloud using OneDrive & share notes with others.

Apple Notes

Great note taking tool for Apple iPhone, iPad and Mac. Uses Apple's icloud for easy access to notes anytime, anywhere. Integrates well with Siri.

Best Free Outdoor Recreational Activity Apps


Great way to spend the outdoors using realtime GPS for treasure hunting hidden objects in your hometown or city. A unique recreational activity.

PlantNet Plant Identification

Snap a picture to identify plants as you walk through trails, parks or even your backyard. It's a fun way to explore, discover and learn .


Wonderful way to stargaze the night skies & identify stars, constellations and satellites in realtime.

Best Free Health and Fitness Apps

Avenza Maps

Download professionally created offline maps and use without internet. It is specially designed to use only your GPS & is great for hiking, cycling & camping.

Addidas Runtastic

One of the top running apps for beginners and advanced runners. Reach your fitness goals by easily tracking calories burned, duration, miles, pace, routes & more.


The best food calorie counting app great for fitness and health planning. Contains a large food database to help plan your diet and weight loss goals.

Best Free Music Learning Apps

Smart Chords & Tools

Perfect music tool for beginners & professionals. Provides tuner, metronome, scales, songbook & more.


Create music on your computer. Download & play music on Android or Apple. The world's popular music notation software & largest music sheet collection.

SwiftScales Vocal Trainer

Virtual vocal trainer helps train your singing technique by providing guided vocal training sessions & scales. Google Play & Apple Store.

Best Free Brain Training Apps


Unique brain training games to help improve thinking speed and improve memory. Provides detailed analysis of your progress & personalize your training.


Improve your focus, memory & increase sharper thinking skills. Fun games included to help develop better cognitive skills. Mobile Friendly.


Over 35 + games to help boost your memory, productivity, sharpen on subjects like math & science. Track your progress on mobile device.

Best Free Money Budgeting Apps


One of the best overall financial apps for anyone looking to easily budget their personal finances. Great versatile all-in-one finance management tool.


Top rated financial management tool app for helping you reaching your financial and budgeting goals. Uses easy tracking real time technology.

Clarity Money

Great money financial tracking tool for finding ways to save money. Easy visual graphic expenses & cancel your unwanted online subscriptions.

Best Free Audio Recording Apps

Smart Recorder

An excellent audio recording app with long time recording capabilities. Records high-quality audio sound & voice with auto & manual recording features.


Voice Recorder

Top audio voice recording app for smartphones. Great for work, tasks or practice. Easy & simple interface.

ASR Voice Recorder

One of the best sound and voice recording apps for cellphones. Provides many features. Skip silence mode, auto start recording, cloud upload & formats.

Best Free Time Tracker Productivity Apps

aTime Logger
Personal Tracker

One of the best personal or time activity trackers with great visual data, friendly user interface. Easy to Track Daily Goals.

Smarter Smarter-Time-Time-Tracker-Productivity-Tracker-Time-Management-Work-Auto-Detect-Data-Personal-Mobile-App-Free-Download-Sparkmigo-Spark-Hub

Smarter Time

Top best time tracker app with unique features. Easily track your time and productivity with ease using the auto-detect intelligent assistant mode.

Boosted: Time and Productivity Tracker

Popular Time Tracking and Productivity app with a sleek user interface and simple visual data for quick goal / activity tracking.

Best Free Photo Editing Apps


Offers the best professional photo editing tools for smartphones & mobile devices. Loaded features.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Top photo editing app for your smartphone or tablet. Essential image editing tools & connect to Adobe Creative Cloud.

Photo Editor Pro

This great app has all the needed features to edit photos like a pro while on the go. Can easily edit and share photos to Social Media.

We’ll continue to add to our collection, so please come by visit anytime!

Sparkmigo is here to assist you with ideas and providing new perspectives on ways to help improve and expand your genius potential.

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