Why Should Anyone Create Their Own Smart Room?

Ever thought of making a room that can help increase your productivity, creativity and meditation skills? It really is not that difficult to do. All it takes is a little motivational momentum and simple effortless action to start up a smart room of your own.

There are people who think that having messy rooms can boost their creativity. For some reason they justify that a pile of junk on the corners of the room tends to bring out the best in a person. It is a creative mess.

I can understand how a messy room can contribute to boosting one’s creativity…

Sounds absurd you say?

Now, let’s just take this to a different perspective.

All the papers, personal belongings and trash scattered around the room brings many emotions and thoughts that keep your brain active…actively stressed out of your mind!

We don’t want that type of negative energy or dare it be called “dark creativity”.

On the other hand, there are individuals who say that having a messy room can hinder a person’s thinking and creativity process dramatically, which can lead to loss of concentration and tire the person mentally and physically. It can cause the quality of their work to decrease and can even begin to promote a harmful lifestyle that can effect your health.


Messy Room Vs Clean Room

Still have not decided what type of room is best for you?

Let’s take the next step.

Here is a little scenario for you.

You walk into the house and the first thing you see is this…



Of course it is a mess, but doesn’t this bring about a negative impression.

Chaos, mental fatigue, uncomfortable, stressful, headache, unhealthy, there is too much going on in this room…


“Where are the car keys! I know I left it somewhere here…Oh no, it’s almost time…I got to go!”

“Where is the remote! I thought I left it on top of the couch…my favorite tv episode is about to start! I can’t reach the tv buttons with all that stuff in the way!!! “


Wait for it…..


Where is my wallet…?!? 🙁

I can’t find my purse!?! 😯


You don’t want to lose your precious time in this kind of mess.

Now let’s take a look at the next room.



This room looks calm, it is easier on the eyes and mind, and everything seems to be where it needs to be in order to easily access them when you need to use them.

If that virtual trip isn’t enough, then let’s take it to the next level, a more personal level…called the real world.

Look around you. Are you in a room that brings about daily anxiety or optimistic productivity?

If you believe your room is not working for you and you are willing to take a different approach to better increase your quality of work and more importantly your quality of life, then try these seven simple ways to making your room a better and smarter place to live in.

7 Simple Ways to Make a Smart Room Without the Fancy Tech

Easy, Affordable and Effective


Lighten Up Your Room

Natural lighting is the best lighting source to incorporate into your room. If you have a window that provides essential daylight, then try different ways to allow indirect lighting into areas of your room. Remember, we are not meant to look directly at light but use light to get a better view of our surroundings. By providing indirect lighting, this provides a much comfortable experience, you will feel better and it does not interfere with your vision and prevents eye strain and headaches.

No windows in your room? Then take the artificial lighting approach. It is strongly recommended to use indirect warm lighting. Avoid dim lighting which can cause drowsiness and loss of attention. Bright harsh lights can cause headaches or migraines and can promote eye injuries or eye strains.  Having the right amount of lighting in your room is important. Our eyes are sensitive to lights and by providing the optimal lighting to your place you are more likely to increase your alertness and productivity.

Temperature Control

Adjust the room temperature to where you are most comfortable working in. Here’s common sense knocking at your door. Any cooler or hotter and your body will begin to work harder to adjust to the external temperatures, which in turn uses up more of your body’s energy. This wasted energy could have been utilized to focus on essential things. People are more likely to make mistakes when working in undesirable temperatures, thus making their day less productive. The optimal temperature for productivity for most individuals is between 70 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit (21 to 25 degrees Celsius). By simply adjusting your workspace temperature, you are able to improve your daily creativity and productivity.


Designate Your Workspace

Have an area where your ideas and projects can become fruitful. Just like we have a set area for a place to sleep and a place to watch television, the same rule applies to having a place to help develop your creative and productive works. It may sound ridiculous, but it is surprisingly overlooked by many. Avoid using anything that can distract you from your workspace, remove cell phones from that spot, portable games, magazines, toys, etc.  Once you have your mind set to your daily projects and goals, when you are ready to start, your designated work space will be set and you will not have to worry about being tempted to anything at your reach that will waste your valuable time.

Tidy Room, Tidy Mind

Similar to the previous tip, set items according to their usefulness. Place clothing in drawers, cubby holes, or a place where only clothing will be placed and taken from. Same thing goes with office/school supplies, books, games, dvds, gadgets, tech supplies, etc. Declutter your area. If you have not used it for months or even years, then get rid of it, donate it, or if it is still worth selling, then sell it quickly!

Here are some helpful apps and websites that can help you sell your items locally or nationally:

  1. 5 Miles
  2. LetGo
  3. Offer Up
  4. Craigslist
  5. Ebay
  6. Decluttr
  7. Mercari


You can also donate to these great charities or organizations:

  1. Goodwill
  2. Salvation Army
  3. Dress For Success
  4. St. Vincent De Paul
  5. Little Free Library
  6. Soles4Souls
  7. The Arc


Depending on your town or city the following places may be accepting donations:

  1. Local Thrift Stores
  2. Local Churches
  3. Homeless Shelter Locations
  4. Women or Family Shelters
  5. Nursing Homes and Retirement Communities
  6. Local Libraries
  7. Food Banks



Do not buy organization products unless you really need them. The reason being is that we think that buying such products will help “clean” and “declutter” our room. However, we are actually buying something to hide what we probably will not ever use. This out of sight out of mind concept is not the way to go. You will just be wasting your time and money.

If you have trouble starting your cleaning/declutter project try listening to your favorite music. This will help organizing your room more enjoyable.


Play Background Music

Music can help you focus on tasks. Whether you’re trying to relax and destress from a busy day, or studying for a better future, or thinking up of your next genius idea, playing background music can provide a way to match your daily mood. There are a variety of genres to listen to. You can choose from classical, easy listening, jazz, instrumental music, music that you enjoy, especially the ones without lyrics and natural soundscapes (nature). These types of music can provide a positive effect on your concentration and attention on the projects you are performing. You can choose your local radio stations on your radio alarm clock or go deeper into music options using free radio and live music streaming apps.

Here is a top list of the best music apps to listen:

  1. Spotify
  2. Apple Music
  3. Google Music
  4. iHeart Radio
  5. Pandora
  6. Shazam
  7. Deezer
  8. Primephonic

Nature’s Relaxing Medicine

Adding an indoor plant in your room can improve the appearance of your room and significantly reduce stress levels. They are also great natural air purifiers that get rid of unwanted air toxins and in return produce oxygen increasing air quality in the room. There are a great variety of drought tolerant and easy maintenance house plants to choose from. So, you don’t have to worry maintaining them frequently, which is great.

Another Alternative is adding paintings or photos of  botanical plants, or even artificial plants. Though you will be missing the awesome air/toxin filtering and oxygen producing effects of nature, you can at least have another great way to liven up your room. If you cannot buy a real live plant now, consider in the near future.

Here is a list of one of the best indoor house plants to complement your smart room:


Real Live Potted Succulent House Plants (5 Pack)


Assorted Tillandsia Air Indoor Plants (12 Pack)


Quality Live Lucky Bamboo Tower 38 Stalks Pack (4″, 6″ & 8″)


Popular Parlor Palm House Plant Drought Tolerant


The Amazing Easy Care ZZ Indoor Plant


If real plants are not your cup of green tea, then try these paintings, photos or artificial plant alternatives:


Beautiful Minimalism Botanical Fern Plant Artwork Prints

Prickly Pear Cacti Succulent Desert Plants Hanging Artwork

Japanese Bamboo Style Hanging Framework

Quality Herb Prints Are Not Just for Kitchen Decor


Japanese Bamboo Art Prints – Set of 3 Prints


Trio Artificial Plant Set ( Taro, Lotus and Clover Plant)


Elegant Modern White Ceramic Faux Grass Set


Great Set of Faux Succulent Plants in Mini White Square Pots


Nice Indoor Greenery Home Decor Rosemary and Eucalyptus Faux Plants (Set of 2)


Realistic Fake Potted Succulent Plants (Set of 3)


Artificial Realistic Fake Unpotted Succulent Plants (15 Pack)


Add Color to Your Room

Using the right combination of colors to successfully provide an effective mind boosting smart room. Aside from painting your room, a much simpler way is to add useful items that can complement your room. By adding color your will make your room visually appealing and open your mind to a new level of inspiration and efficiency. Color intensity is an important factor to enhancing your creativity and productivity. If the color is pale or intensity is low then it will calm your senses and make you too relaxed and if the color intensity is too high then it will overstimulate you brain , which can cause anxiety.

Do not make your room monochromatic. This makes it feel uninspiring and defeats the purpose of making your room a place to encourage creativity and productivity. Also avoid over using bright colors, for example intense yellows can cause eye fatigue and can strain your eyes. Also avoid using excess dark colors, for example when using darker shades of blue, since it can bring about a dark and cold mood that can trigger depression. By experimenting with multiple colors, such as warm colors with cool colors, you will be able to find a balance that meets your creative and productive needs for your own smart room.

Enhance your room’s appearance along with improving your thinking process by using the color chart below. It is great, simple color guide of the top 5 colors which are proven to help your creativity and productivity skills.


The Bottom Line

Now is the time to begin your own smart room project, if you have not done so. A better, organized, cleaner room environment can make a difference on the way you think, and definitely impacts your productive and creativity process. Decluttering and making a few enhancements is all you need to do. It is also a simple way to improve your quality of life.  Imagine what you are capable of doing once you have your own smart room to work, relax, invent, and create in!


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