7 Simple Gaming Etiquettes: Common Sense Gameplay Approach


We just know how easy it is to get frustrated or even angry while playing a difficult game. If we’re not careful…that anger and frustration could lead to some ugly or embarrassing moments during a time that is supposed to be a fun and friendly event.  No, it isn’t Ms. Manners to the rescue, nor is it Polite Polly knocking at your noggin, this is a way just a polite way to address how to prevent  from those possible chaotic arguments that may cause a friendship conflict / breakup or unnecessary family tensions. Just remember that it’s just a game after all.

Here are a few suggestions for Gaming Etiquette or most commonly known as Common Sense Gameplay:

Encourage each other. Even if you’re competing with each other in a boxing match or car race, take time to congratulate another player for making a smooth or cunning move. There’s no need to be a kiss-up but when tensions are high, and the desire to impress is high, you can help relax any stress just by throwing out a few positive, upbeat compliments here and there. 

Be patient. Everyone has their own pace, strategies and challenges when playing a particular game. So when you notice your regular game pace slowing down, don’t criticize. You could quietly plan your next move or you could offer to help if you notice that your buddies may seem lost. This will encourage cooperation and relieve some of the stress involved with playing a difficult game.

Take some breaks. Permitting that your group finds appropriate places in a game to pause, take advantage and get up to stretch, snack, make an effort to talk about goals or ideas, or future events to help build a better relationship for more gaming social opportunities. A long stretch of playing can be tiring and a simple break can do the trick to help refresh your gaming moods. As a result, once you all head back to the gaming mood and play ability.

Play an inclusive game. Make an attempt to ensure everyone in the group contributes to the game’s completion. You never want to make another person feel left out or just hanging around to fill the space. Create opportunities for everyone involved to participate and help play.

Listen to others. There are individuals that may think they know all the answers about a game or game system but listening to what others have to say in the group can definitely bring about good vibes plus a strong and healthier competitive edge. In fact, by doing this people in the group may learn something new such as a trick or technique that can bring about kudos to friendships.

Vow to keep the voice level and cursing to a minimum. One of the easiest and simplest ways to prevent arguments is to mention that curse words are off limits or should be kept in a way that is not annoying or disrespecting anyone. Keep the voice volume at a respectable level to avoid eardrums from bursting or sounding like a broken record by repeating at very low, faint voice.

Play it cool. Remember players should not cross the line when it comes to debating negatively about a particular strategy or selecting a game to play. Some of the most serious fights stem from the silliest arguments but you can prevent a flare up within your group by just maintaining a cool composure during the entire session.

These seven simple common sense game play tips are easy to remember and are practical. All the points suggested are certainly “do-able” and they really do work to create a dynamic and enjoyable gaming environment. Have fun and enjoy your next gaming meet up!


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