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Top 5 Brain Boosting Foods: Ultimate Quick Guide

The human brain is so complex, it is composed of many cells such as neurons and is capable of managing so many electric and chemical signals faster than blink of eye. In fact it the organ that consumes the most energy in the body. With so much brain power being used on a daily bases, we need food to help replenish our brain energy levels. However, there is so much food out there that can definitely do more harm than good such as eating fast food, processed foods, refined sugars and salts, high saturated fatty foods, high caloric low nutrient foods and synthetic unnatural non-organic foods. Fortunately, mother nature has provided us with an abundance of healthy foods for us to eat and all we have to do is get them in our local food market or farmers market.

Smart Simple Amazing Brain Facts Worth Learning 2020

Smart Simple Amazing Brain Facts Worth Learning 2020   Simple Rundown of Useful Brain Facts Synaptic Plasticity Anatomy of a Nerve Cell Neuron Communication Mental Process Functioning Source of Brain Energy ATP Avoid Foods That Cause Brain Impairment or Damage Top 5 Foods That Boost Brain Health and Activity     Synaptic Plasticity and Mental … Read more Smart Simple Amazing Brain Facts Worth Learning 2020