Brain Games, Puzzles and Books: Increase Creative Problem Solving Skills

There is a myth that puzzles are only for “smart people” but that is definitely not true. Anyone who tries out solving puzzles will be surprised how fun and easy it is once you understand the rules of the game. In fact, there are even games and puzzles that do not restrict your creativity problem solving skills, they encourage thinking outside the box. Don’t limit yourself and try out a variety of fun and mind boosting possibilities!

This list provides great brain games, puzzles and book reads that will definitely keep your mind busy and have your creativity and/or problem solving skills put to the test.  If you’re not into puzzles? Why not give it a try, you might just get hooked plus find a different venue to help increase your thinking skills!

Logic Puzzles

Simple yet Challenging

Sudoku – Visit Website
Nonograms – Visit Website
Thinkfun Games – Visit Website
(I recommend the think fun laser maze blitz game)
These games are online versions of the games they sale. They have great puzzle games.

Cryptic/Code Puzzles

Can you crack the code?

Cryptograms – Visit Website
Codeword – Visit Website

Online Room Escape Games

Nuetral’s Room Escape – Visit Website

Science Puzzles

Eyewire – Map the Brain – Visit Website
Fold it – Visit Website (You will need to download fold it game. It is a unique crowd sourcing computer game)
Goldberg Contraption Concept- Visit Website
Great Casual Puzzle Games – Visit Website

Solving Life’s Puzzles

Become an inventor to help solve everyday problems that you and other people around the world may encounter, challenge yourself, or improve on your critical thinking and creative thinking skills.

Quirky – The Invention Platform
HeroX – Incentive Competitions, Challenges, Prizes
EdisonNation – Invention Ideas for New Products

Amazon Online Books – Kindle Cloud Reader 

Creative Thinking Exercises, Puzzles , and Brain Teasers

Thinkertoys 2nd Ed. by Michael Michalko  – View More Info
Mind Hacks by Tom Stafford & Matt Webb – View More Info
Cracking Creativity by Michael Michalko – View More Info
Moonwalking with Einstein by Josua Foer – View More Info

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